Summer Is Back!

Slide1 (4)It’s that time of the year again! The time of the year that we all love, it’s hot, it’s sunny, it’s perfect for outside activities! Bring your children with you to FiTMiX this summer. Keep them active, keep them social, keep them healthy!


Join us for our open house. You all can not miss out! We are having vendors, games, raffles, and much more . We are also  going to be introducing two new classes, and we are having guest instructors! How awesome is that? We will be posting our line up for Saturday as well.

Detox Challenge! What’s In It For You? EVERYTHING!

The best part of a new year is a fresh new start and a healthier lifestyle is only a decision away! The “New Year! New You! Detox Challenge!” has all of the tools necessary to get you on the right track.

What’s included in the package you may ask?

  • Weekly BMI & Weight Control
  • Personalized Coaching (Tips & Advice)
  • Special Healthy Recipes (Twice A Week)
  • Detox Nutrition Support Group on Facebook
  • Before & After Photos
  • Tracking Your Progress
  • Helping You Every Step Of The Way!



1 Year Anniversary Party: RETRO PARTY

Thanks to everyone who has visited, or helped us along the way, it has been an honor to work with you! Every single one of you has touched our hearts, and we hope to have touched yours! We are throwing a 1 year anniversary party at FitMix, to celebrate our first year open! Bring your best dance moves, and your most amazing retro outfit, because we are going to celebrate! We will have door prizes, as well as a CASH PRIZE for the best retro costume! Come celebrate with us this Friday the 17th from 6-9 PM. This is a kid friendly event.constantcontact

Open House



Have you been wanting to give us a try? Thinking about how your weight is going to fluctuate in these last few months of the year? About to face some people during the holidays that you want to look your best in front of? We’ve got you! This Saturday, October 11th, from 8:30am – 1:30pm, FitMix is having an open house event. We will have vendors checking vitals for free, and we will be hosting free indoor bootcamp, Pilates Barre’, Yoga, latin fitness, and ZUMBA classes! You’ll have all the tools necessary to mold your body into the body you want, for free Saturday! We’ve added new classes, one including the popular Pilates reformer! Make sure to stop by Saturday and find out what new things we’ve added to our schedule!


Imagine this:

The studio is located in an area 2 minutes from Downtown but with no traffic and easy parking.  Then you walk in and there’s usually one or 3 super friendly faces coming up to you to give you a hand shake and say hello.  The first time.  The second time we will probably already give you a hug and even a kiss on the cheek if  that’s ok with you.  A very welcoming reception area with  soft and fresh green colors with red accents. The prelude to  a big studio area, with tons of natural light.  And a floating room for our smaller cozier classes. This setting already sets us apart.

But the reality is that we lead our classes in a caring way.  We care, we have fun, we get healthier, we release stress, and we lose weight. Our classes are challenging but the environment is supportive.  Instructors and students know each others names.  Steps, moves, poses and workouts are explained so everyone feels succesful after the class, tired and accomplished.

We came with the goal of inspire people to live a happier, healthier life.  We knew it wouldn’t be the easiest task.  And at points we’ve doubted ourselves.  Myself.  And yet, here we are.  We’ve created this amazingly accepting space where regardless of how incredible amazing you are, we love you the same.  Come live the FiTMiX EXPERIENCE.




and Heavy Weights, and Zumba and Yoga and Boot Camp, and Salsa Lessons…

At FITMIX Yoga and Latin Fitness Studio you will find a diversed array of classes  that will keep your body in constant change and motion.  Helping you to get stronger, more flexible, improve mobility and just make you feel better in general.

We know every other studio promise you will achieve all of these goals.  However, at FITMIX there’s something that makes us truly special.  Something that sets us miles apart from the rest.  Its not easy to admit, or to understand.  But after looking for what made us different, we came up with: we care, we are family, we go the extra mile to help people, we share our expertise,  we are inspiring, we are friends, we are present when our clients need us, we put in the extra time to sit and chat, we are Facebook friends (which makes everything official), we accept that we are not perfect so we don’t expect you to be, we want our clients to be happy and healthy, we have a studio mascot that is a huge puddle of love, we have fun, we challenge each other to achieve our highest potential, and I can keep going…

But the point is, you can summarize all of that in a very simple, encasing word.  LOVE.  We love our team.  We love what we do.  We love our clients.  We love our FITMIX Family.  We are Latin and that makes us even more passionate about what we LOVE.

In this lonely, all technology based world, our human touch, the warmth and welcome when you come to our studio is what sets us apart. We are different because of we LOVE.

Strong is the new Sexy. Let’s be Sexy!

Feeling strong is exhilarating.  Being strong gives your confidence a boost.  When you see your progress and your accomplishments it feels great.   That’s why it’s so sexy.  Either because you had an amazing hour of cardio – Zumba, agility drills – or a yoga class doing Royal Dancer and holding all your weight on one foot.  It could be that you grab the olympic bar and lifted 120lbs. Or that your muay thai instructor let you use him as a punching back and the noise of your kicks agains the pads gave you chills.  Whatever it is, we believe that gone are the days when girls were afraid of a little muscle because they were going to look too masculine.  We can be, because we are, super strong and keep being just as sexy.   Feeling happy and being confident are extremely sexy.  And to me, this is just one more reason to train.


!Pura Calidad!